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What is AirDrop in virtual currency?

ICO procures funds before listing on the crypto-currency exchange, distributes tokens or currencies according to the rate decided by the currency issuer, spreads its holders and broadens its currency economic sphere or increases the number of participants in the node At the same time it is also true that the above funding fraud practices create a chaotic situation that is rampant.
To counter it, we do not procure funds before listing, first spread the participants and holders of the currency, the token project first, expand the economic area, distribute free acts to the desired people AirDrop (Air Drop) . This method is primarily a system that is appreciated by investors that there is no word for fraud which does not have anyone to lose, and it seems that this method will become standard in the future.

I think that it is the extremely justified way to return to the ecology system of the original encryption currency.


Virtual Currency AirDrop Recommended Rankings 3 Selection!

From here, we will introduce three recommended virtual currencies AirDrop from a number of virtual currencies.
There are a lot of virtual currencies ahead of ICO in 2018, and in participating in ICO, we need to judge something highly promising from ranking and recommendation ranking.
Below, we picked up three highly rated items from the virtual currencies scheduled for AirDrop’s schedule in 2018, such as ratings and recommendation rankings carefully.




Among the virtual currencies planned for AirDrop schedule in 2018, the first recommendation is “Frankl”.

Frankl is a coin for scientists and clinicians. It is a token that is being developed to connect block chains with science. Integration of block chains within the application enables secure and ethical data sharing in scientific and clinical practice. Although it is a little specialized, I think that tokens that are specialized in these specific genres are interesting because the possibility of being buried unlike coins specialized in some genres is unlikely to be buried unlike coins of common concept. First of all, I think that taking a coin with AirDrop and looking at it is the first step to know the coin.

If you would like to obtain Frankl’s AirDrop information, please enter this URL ( / ).




The second recommendation is promising “D-ZONE COIN” among virtual currencies scheduled for ICO schedule in 2018.

D-ZONE COIN realizes high security and convenience in conjunction with the settlement service “TheDreamPay” created by adopting the world ‘s first block chain technology, and it is possible to support consumers and affiliated stores and the possibility of supporting economic growth all over the world It is a trusted presence ICO that it is secret.

As TheDreamPay becomes functional, it will be possible for a better service society to come, as major reforms take place in the payment industry and at the same time it can also improve the quality of services that can be offered to users by reducing the cost of settlement fees at merchants I expect it.
In addition, although ICO basically creates project ideas and services for the first time with ICO, funds are mostly made, but already services and original wallets have already been released is a very reliable material.
Moreover, domestically produced ICO is interesting.

If you would like to obtain Air Drop information of D-ZONE COIN, please use this URL (



③ Kasko2go

It is “Kasko2go” to introduce at the end. Kasko2go It is a coin specialized for automobile insurance. Insurance industry fraud, consumer insurance fraud is prevented with block chain technology. As a result, it seems that we are aiming to build a better traffic situation by promoting appropriate prices by lowering premiums and using AI and big data. Moreover, it is a little extreme that I am willing to destroy the current insurance industry as a whole but it seems that it is a confident project.

If you would like to obtain AirDrop information from Kasko2go, please use this URL (



Virtual currency What is the point to read ICO information?

There are various kinds of information on the ICO on the net, but in order to gain profit as a rights holder after participating in the ICO, it is necessary to judge the future potential of the virtual currency before participating in the ICO.
However, with regard to ICO participation, various information is conflicting, and it is not so easy that it is not professional, to pick out the correct information from it.

Therefore, in the following, I list three points that are commonly used when reading and solving virtual currency ICO.


■ Schedule

When deciphering the virtual currency ICO, it is the ICO “schedule” confirmation that becomes an important tool.
In order to participate in ICO, it is necessary to invest in the virtual currency as mentioned above, but it is not always the timing of the investment, the ICO’s funding schedule is generally separated by a span of several months in general is.

Therefore, even if you plan to join the ICO, it is impossible to invest unless it is a period of fund procurement, so preliminary check of the schedule is essential.

In many cases, the ICO schedule can be confirmed on the homepage of the issuer of the virtual currency.


■ Exchange

As an important prerequisite to participate in ICO, exchanges become important.
When buying a newly issued coin with the basic ICO, we will conduct transactions such as Bit Coin (BTC) and Ethicalam (ETH) instead of cash.
When a Japanese participates in ICO, it will be the flow of buying BTC, ETH with Japanese exchanges such as bitflyer, coincheck etc., remitting ICO only to the let and receiving the same amount of coins.

If you decide to join the ICO, let’s investigate the exchange at the same time.


■ Summary

Regarding the virtual currency, as hot eyes are directed not only to the original bit coin but also Alto Coin, Ethereum and Ripple, there is a growing interest in ICO by further stepping on It is no wonder.
As virtual currency ICO is being noticed, even people who have not been interested in trading in financial products until now are likely to consider participation.

For those who viewed this article to participate in the ICO, please refer to the three virtual currencies listed above as promising coins.



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